Notice of Pending Administrative Decision

Posted by City Hall on May 20, 2024

Consideration of a Temporary Use Permit for Habitation of a Travel Trailer at 576 Weed Ave.

When: An administrative decision for a Temporary Use Permit will be made no sooner than May 31st, 2024. Comments provided will be considered prior to the decision. Please provide any comments prior to May 31st, 2024.

Where: Please provide comments to Erica Smith, City Planner, at City Hall: 1001 Bridge Street Vernonia, OR 97064, or email

Why: To consider a request by Zuzanna Manriquez to allow temporary (6 month maximum) habitation of a travel trailer/RV, recreational vehicle or similar, in a manner that is intended to provide minimum impacts to neighbors. The proposed location of the trailer/vehicle is shown in the attached exhibit. The applicant intends to use the travel trailer as a temporary residence during permitting and reconstruction of their single-family dwelling on the adjacent lot, which was destroyed by a fire.

Relevant Code and Approval Criteria:

Vernonia Title 9 Land Use and Development Code, Section 9-08.02-20(B) Temporary Use of Travel Trailer as a Dwelling or Business – Criterion:

  1. The travel trailer must not be in disrepair and must be mobile;

  2. The trailer is not permitted to be located in the flood way, as designated by FEMA;

  3. The property at which the trailer will be located must not have current Title 3 or Title 9 code violations;

  4. The location of the travel trailer must be within a safe distance from any permanent structure as per current Oregon State Fire Marshall recommendation.

  5. All City of Vernonia structure setbacks as outlined in Title 9 Land Use and Development must be met;

  6. Ingress and egress are safe and adequate for travel trailer, vehicles and pedestrians;

  7. There is adequate parking for the use;

  8. The use does not adversely impact any neighbors including noise, glare, lighting, odors, vibrations in a manor inconsistent with the primary use of the property;

  9. State if septic will be pumped or if the trailer will be taken to an approved dumping facility (connections to residential sewer cleanouts is not permitted).

  10. The permit shall not exceed six (6) months unless otherwise permitted by 9-08.02-30.c.

  11. Conditions may be imposed in order to assure these criterion are met.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Vernonia City Planner will render an administrative decision regarding File #TUP 24-01. A copy of the request is available for inspection at Vernonia City Hall located at 1001 Bridge Street and may be copied for a nominal fee.

The process for Temporary Habitation of Travel Trailers is governed by:

Vernonia Title 9 Land Development and Zoning Code, Section 9.08 Habitation and Parking of Travel Trailers

Failure to raise an issue in person, by email, by letter or failure to provide statements or evidence sufficient to afford the decision-maker an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes an appeal based on that issue. Public testimony is welcome, and written statements will be reviewed before the decision. An appeal to a staff level administrative decision can be filed with the City Planner to appeal the administrative decision to the Planning Commission pursuant to the appeal rules in Section 9-01.10-30 (G) of the Code, except that the Planning Commission shall be the final decision.

The Public Notice will be onsite at City Hall, Vernonia Library, and on

Notice to mortgagee, lien holder, vendor, or seller: The City of Vernonia Title 9 requires that if you receive this notice it shall be promptly forwarded to the purchaser.

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