Utility Billing

The City of Vernonia bills for water and sewer monthly. Utility bills are mailed and emailed no later than the 1st of the month, and are due the 15th of the month. A late fee of 6% is added to bills paid after the 15th of the month. On the 25th of the month, unpaid bills will result in water service being shut-off, and utility account suspended.

Utility Billing Applications and Forms


Payments may be made at Vernonia City Hall during business hours; or by phone at 503.429.5291.

Automatic on online payments can be made through your financial institution. Call 503.429.5291 to request an email with information to set up online payment.

Go Paperless

Sign up for emailed statements by visiting vernonia.secure.munibilling.com using the code included on your bill.


Water and sewer rates are reviewed and adjusted annually by the City of Vernonia Utility Rate Review Committee, with any changes approved by City Council taking effect on July 1st.

The City utilizes a Base + Consumption rate structure for both water and sewer rates. The concept behind this rate structure is to generate enough revenue to cover the cost of maintaining the systems, regardless of customers consuming water or putting wastewater into the sewer, with flat base rates; while generating the remainder of the budgets through consumptive charges to cover the variable costs of production and delivery of water, and treatment of wastewater. The base rates are an equal distribution across all customers, and consumptive rates charge each customer based on individual consumption. The current water rate is split 77%-23%, and the current sewer rate is split 70%-30%. Water consumption is monthly gallonage registered through a water meter. Sewer consumption is based on the 4 previous winter months (Nov-Feb) of water consumption. Water and sewer loans are a separate component of utility rates. Loans are distributed equally in the same manner as base rates. Base rates and loans are multiplied by a meter multiplier based on meter size. 94% of our water system meters are 3/4" meters, with a multiplier of 1. Larger meters pay more based on cost and capacity ratios. A 2" meter for example, pays 2.9 times the base and loan rates.

1 1/2"1.8$53.10$17.64$1.80/10003.33$89.66$73.49$2.60/1000

Utility Rate Calculator

Select meter size, enter monthly water and sewer consumption, and number of residential units to calculate monthly utility bill.

Water: $47.58

Sewer: $60.91

Parks: $2

Total: $110.49

3/4" meter customers average 4600 gallons of water per month over a year.
Winter average (Nov-Feb) water consumption.
$2.00 parks fee per unit except gov't and non-profit.