Business Licenses

It shall be unlawful for any person to transact or cause to be transacted any business without having first obtained a license for such business from the City of Vernonia (Ordinance No. 883).

It is required that a business license be obtained by the owner, partner or operator of the business. However, if the employees, agents or representatives of a person who has no regular place of business within the City engage in business within the City, they shall be responsible for compliance.

The following persons are exempt from license requirements:

  1. Garage sales.
  2. An individual performing babysitting, nursery or child-care activities 20 hours or less per week and who is not otherwise required to be licensed under local, state or federal law.
  3. An individual who is employed by or under contract with a business holding a valid business license.
  4. An individual hired or employed in an intermittent or casual basis by a household, business or other employer to supply only services, not otherwise required to be licensed under local, state, or federal law.
  5. A person whose primary activity consists of delivering goods inside the City for a business located outside the City.
  6. Any conduct exempt from licensing under the constitution or laws of the United States or State of Oregon.
  7. A person who leases two (2) or fewer units of residential real estate within the City.
  8. Federally tax-exempt organizations.
  9. City sponsored activities and businesses operating under a City franchise.
  10. Transient merchants and special events at which business sell goods from temporary booths or stalls. The purpose of this section is to facilitate such events which are cultural or educational or which help promote business or tourism in the community.

Business License Application

Business License Application

Business License Fees

Business with registered address within City Limits: $60/year or $30/6 months.

Business with registered address outside City Limits: $80/year or $40/6 months.

How to Apply

Submit application with a check or money order via mail, for same week processing. The license will be mailed out the same day as processed.

Bring applications to City Hall, for same day processing. We accept cash, check, money order, Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard.

Please mail your application(s) to:

City of Vernonia
Attn: Business License
1001 Bridge Street
Vernonia, OR 97064

For more information on Business Licenses in the City of Vernonia, please call 503.429.5291 or email us at

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