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Forms & Permits

Building and Electrical Permits

New Home Packet
Contains all forms and documents for new home construction.

Building Permit Application

Building Fees Worksheet (Effective April 2018)

Electrical Permit Application

NWCP Exterior Wall Envelope Form 2017

NWCP Contractor Info for C of O

NWCP Residential - Certificate of Lighting Fixtures 2017a

NWCP Residential - Moisture Content Acknowledgement 2017a

Typical Deck Details

See the Building Department page for inspection and additional permit information.

Business Licensing

Business License Application

See the Business Licenses page for inspection and additional business licencing information.


Cemetery Fee Schedule

Application to Purchase Cemetery Plot

Casket Interment Application

Urn Interment Application

See the Cemetery page for additional cemetery information.

Employment and Volunteering

Employment Application

City Committee Application


Parks Special Event Permit Application

See the Parks page for additional parks information.

Land Use and Code Enforcement

Fence Permit Application

Floodplain Development Permit Application

Habitation of a Travel Trailer Application

Land Use Application

Livestock Permit Application

Nuisance Violation Complaint Form

Sign Permit Application

Vacant and Abandoned Structure Registration

Water and Sewer Hookup and SDC Fees

Public Records

Public Records Request Form

Public Works

Developer - Engineer Agreement Form

Driveway and Sidewalk Permit Application

Grading and Erosion Control Permit Application

Right of Way Permit Application

See the Public Works page for additional information.

Utilities (Water and Sewer)

Utility Account Application

Water Service Shut-Off Request

Water Leak Forgiveness Request

See the Utility Billing page for additional utility information.