GIS and Maps

The City of Vernonia GIS provides mapping and data services to facilitate more efficient government and better decision making. Vernonia GIS supports public works operations, planning and land use, utility billing, as well as special projects, such as the annual utility rate review.

Property Information

The City of Vernonia and Columbia County provide tools for interactive web mapping and searching property and taxation information.

Vernonia Map

Columbia County Web Maps

Columbia County Assessment and Taxation Query

City Maps

Vernonia Boundaries and Zoning

Vernonia Flood Zones

Web Maps and Applications

Tax Map Viewer

Tax Lot Buffer

Oregon American Lumber Co. Mill Map

Vernonia Wetlands

Vernonia Annexations

GIS Data

City Spatial Data

Vernonia City Limits, Urban Growth Boundary, Zoning and Flood Zones are available as shapefiles in a zip archive.

Vernonia GIS Data

Tax Lot and Assessment Data

Tax lot spatial and assessment data is available from the Columbia County Assessor's Office.

Columbia County GIS Data Page

Oregon Gepspatial Enterprise Office

The State of Oregon maintains many spatial data sets including wetlands and transportation.

Oregon GEO

GIS Staff

Ben Fousek
GIS Analyst
Phone: 503.429.5291 x104