Flood Info

The Vernonia area is subject to flooding, having had several flood events over the last several decades. The City of Vernonia is responsible for floodplain management within City Limits. The City enacted and enforces a robust flood hazard reduction ordinance to protect the community and ensure affordable flood insurance from National Flood Insurance Program. While the City's goals are to reduce the impacts of flooding and coordinate responses to flood events; it is the responsibility of each citizen to be prepared for flood events.

Floodplain Management

Most activities within the Flood Hazard Area are subject to 9-05 Flood Hazard Reduction. This includes, but is not limited to construction, grading, fill and fencing. A Floodplain Development Permit is required for all activities in the floodplain. Please contact City Hall before undertaking any activity regulating by the flood hazard reduction ordinance.

Forms and Documents

Floodplain Development Permit Application

Substantial Improvement/Damage Itemization

Fence Permit Application

Floodplain Development Standard Operating Procedures

Substantial Improvement Check Sheet

Flood Links

Be Prepared

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Rock Creek at Hwy 47 Bridge

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Nehalem River at Clear Creek

Nehalem River at Clear Creek


Nehalem River at Clear Creek

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