Please Pick Up After Your Pet At The Cemetery

Posted by City Hall on May 4, 2020

Vernonia Memorial Cemetery continues to have issues with pet owners not picking up after their dogs in the cemetery. It is not only irresponsible, but highly disrespectful to the souls interred therein and their families.

How would you feel if you went to pay respects to your loved one who has passed on, only to find a large dog poop on their grave?

You most likely would not feel very good about it. And as it turns out, 100% of individuals who have had that experience, and reached out to City Staff about it, have been less than pleased.

The City understands the cemetery is a peaceful and beautiful place for a stroll with or without your four-legged friend. Our friends and family who have passed on surely enjoy the company. However, if pet waste continues to be a problem at the cemetery, the City may be forced to examine the possibility of banning pets and implementing civil penalties for violators. The City does not want to do this because…

  1. It’s a waste of City Council time and taxpayer resources to create regulation.
  2. It’s a waste of taxpayer resources to enforce regulation.
  3. It will ruin a good thing for the majority of four-legged cemetery visitors who’s owners pick up after them.
  4. As a community we shouldn’t need to regulate something as common sense as picking up after our pets, especially in the cemetery.

It has been suggested a waste bag dispenser be installed at the cemetery, however it’s not a public park or dog park. If you wish to enjoy the cemetery with your dog, please have respect for the sacred place the cemetery is and the families of the deceased, and bring your own waste bag.