A Message From The Mayor About Coronavirus

Posted by Rick Hobart, Mayor on Mar 24, 2020

Vernonia City Council and City Staff held a Special Council Meeting on Monday at 3:00 pm via a teleconference to discuss our path forward in dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and the City’s responsibilities related to direction from the Oregon Health Authority and State of Oregon Governor’s Executive Order No. 20-12.

The normal spring break activities and tourism which took place over the weekend, here and on the coast, made it difficult to comply and adhere to the social distancing restrictions set forth by the Governor last Friday.

Therefore, the council agreed to take action in an attempt to enhance the State of Oregon Governor’s Executive Order No. 20-12, to Stay home, Save lives. We agreed to:

  • Close City Park restrooms to reduce the threat of exposure for our citizens and city workers.
  • Close Spencer Park recreational shed and play structure and all other play structures in our parks.
  • Close recreational camping in Anderson Park, but allow resident workers to remain.
  • Allow the public restroom at the entrance to City Hall to remain open.
  • Leave the Vernonia Lake open and remind everyone of the social distancing rule of six feet or more.

The City of Vernonia owns the path around the lake and down to the Vernonia/Banks Linear Trail Head at the end of Jefferson Avenue in Anderson Park. This section of the path will remain open. The State Linear Park Trail was closed as per State of Oregon Governor’s Executive Order No. 20-12.

Citizens of Vernonia! I cannot emphasize enough how serious COVID-19 is and how it is affecting our everyday normal activities. As we enter into this second week of the Federal “15 day plan”, I am asking Vernonia residents to do their part in reducing the risk of infection. We are a very resilient community and are capable of coming together in times of crisis. We earned that reputation after the 1996 and 2007 floods.

I would like to close by asking you to show your appreciation to those continuing to work at grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and healthcare providers during these trying times with a simple “Thank you”; as well as reiterate Governor Brown’s motto…Stay Home to Stay Healthy.

Respectfully, Mayor Hobart