Visions of Vernonia Photo Contest

Posted by City Hall on Mar 1, 2019

We live in a beautiful and interesting area of the world. Help the City of Vernonia show- case our area by submitting your original photos. Each month City Staff will select a “Featured Photo” to grace the City’s homepage. Selected photos from the remaining submissions will be featured on the City’s website.

Please note that submitting an entry does not guarantee placement on the City’s website. However, it is in the contest so it is very important that you submit all of the required information and read the guidelines provided below. If you choose not to submit the required information or follow the listed guidelines below, your image may not be accepted.

All entries must be submitted by email. To submit a valid entry:

  1. Email to:

  2. Subject Line: VISIONS OF VERNONIA

  3. In the body of the email, provide the following information:

a) Photographers Name:

b) Subject:

c) Location:

d) Month/Year photo taken:

  1. Save your photo and name it “subject_location.jpg” (ex. “Sunset_SpencerPark”).

  2. Attach the saved file to the email and send (Do not embed it into the body of the email)

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your photo:

• Send the photo as an attachment. Do not embed your photo within the body of your email message.

• Submit the photo and required information in a single email.

• Only submit photos that are less than 5 MB in file size.

• Submit original photographs that have been taken within the last two years.

• Do not crop your photos into irregular shapes, add decorative borders, backgrounds, captions, or text.

• Photo manipulation, colorizing, etc.. for artistic purposes is acceptable.


The deadline for submittal is April 1st, 2019.

How are the Winners Determined?

City staff will select a featured photo based on the quality of the photo and how well it captures the beauty of our area. Staff is looking for pictures which highlight what Vernonia has to offer. Preference will be given to photographs which do not have people in them.

What will happen to my photos?

By submitting your work, you are authorizing the City to use the photo at its discretion, including but not limited to the City website, newsletters and other City promotional materials. We will not sell, or otherwise distribute your original photo.

The City reserves the right to reject any image for any reason. Photographs that are out of focus, too small/large, or contain images/information that may be offensive will be rejected. If you have any questions regarding this contest, please contact Stephanie Borst at or 503-429-5291 x 105.