Ordinances are numbered in order as adopted by City Council.

Ordinance No. 914

Regulating Smoking and Inhalant Delivery Devices in City Parks

No. 914 PDF
Ordinance No. 911

Establishing Park Closure Hours and Amending Ordinance 881

No. 911 PDF
Ordinance No. 910

Regulating the Location and Operation of Marijuana Facilities

No. 910
Ordinance No. 908

Amending Ordinance 745 Controlling Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic

No. 908
Ordinance No. 897

Amending Ordinance 895 Pertaining to Utilities

No. 897
Ordinance No. 884

Oregon Smoke Free Workplace Law: Indoor Clean Air Act and Electronic Cigarettes

No. 884 PDF
Ordinance No. 883

Repealong Ordinance 867 Pertaining to Licensing of Businesses

Ordinance No. 882

Establishing a Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free Zone at Hawkins Park

No. 882
Ordinance No. 880

Establishing the Organization of All City Committees

No. 880 PDF
Ordinance No. 851

Enacting Flood Damage Prevention Provisions