Public Notice and Notice of Public Hearing

Posted by City Hall on Sep 6, 2023

The City of Vernonia is eligible to apply for a 2023 Community Development Block Grant from the Business Oregon. Community Development Block Grant funds come from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The grants can be used for public facilities and housing improvements, primarily for persons with low and moderate incomes.

Approximately $11 million will be awarded to Oregon non-metropolitan cities and counties in 2023. The maximum grant that a city or county can receive is $2,500,000 across both the design and construction phase for Public Works Water and Wastewater Improvement projects.

The City of Vernonia is preparing an application for a 2023 Community Development Block Grant from the Business Oregon for Sewer System Upgrades. It is estimated that the proposed project will benefit at least 950 persons, of whom 51% will be low or moderate income. The project is intended to address overflow problems.  Proposed improvements include pipe replacement, upsizing, and the installation of a new pump station.

A public hearing will be held by the Vernonia City Council at 7pm on September 18, 2023, at City Hall, 1001 Bridge St, Vernonia, OR 97064. Details regarding online participation will be published with the Agenda on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. The purpose of this hearing is for City Council to obtain citizen views and to respond to questions and comments about: community development and housing needs, especially the needs of low- and moderate-income persons, as well as other needs in the community that might be assisted with a Community Development Block Grant project; and the proposed project.

Written comments are also welcome and must be received by Wednesday, September 13 at 1001 Bridge St Vernonia, OR 97064. Both oral and written comments will be considered by the City Council in deciding whether to apply.

The location of the hearing is accessible to persons with disabilities. Please contact Stephanie Borst at 503-429-5291 x105 if you need a special accommodation to attend or participate in the meeting.

More information about Oregon Community Development Block Grants, the proposed project, and records about the city’s past use of Community Development Block Grant funds is available for public review at 1001 Bridge St, Vernonia, OR 97064 during regular office hours. Advance notice is requested.

Permanent involuntary displacement of persons or businesses is not anticipated as a result from the proposed project. If displacement becomes necessary, alternatives will be examined to minimize the displacement and provide required/reasonable benefits to those displaced. Any low- and moderate-income housing that is demolished or converted to another use will be replaced.