Utility Billing Delay

Posted by City Hall on Feb 28, 2023

Due to continued inclement weather over the last week, water meter reads which are required for processing and creating utility bills have been delayed. We are hoping to have reads completed no later than this Thursday 2nd of March. Regardless of whether reads are completed, utility billing will be on Friday the 3rd of March. The due date will be extended to the 18th of March. The shut-off date will not be extended, remaining on the 25th of March.

There are two scenarios depending on whether meter reads are completed prior to this Friday.

Scenario 1:

Meter reads are completed. Utility billing will be as normal but with the delayed due date.

Scenario 2:

Meter reads are not completed. Utility billing will proceed but without February’s water consumption being included in utility bills with the delayed due date. This will result in a lower than average utility bill for March. February’s consumption will be billed as combined February/March consumption on April’s utility bill.

The City appreciates your understanding. An update will be posted on Friday to inform the community of which scenario has played out.