Memorial Day At Vernonia Memorial Cemetery

Posted by City Hall on May 6, 2020

There will be no Memorial Day service this year at Memorial Cemetery on Monday the 25th. The Memorial Day service is a volunteer effort by several individuals and organizations, including the City of Vernonia. All of the organizations and most individuals who make the Memorial Day service a special event every year have chosen not to participate due to the current climate involving COVID.

Vernonia Memorial Cemetery is still open, and the public is still welcome to celebrate and enjoy Memorial Day at the cemetery. A limited Avenue of Flags display will be present, as well as the Vernonia Lions Club placing flags and crosses as normal. Visiting your loved ones and placing flowers is still encouraged. The City asks visitors practice social distancing and common sense when visiting the cemetery.

As the COVID restrictions are lifted, the opportunity presents itself, and volunteers are willing to participate, Memorial Cemetery hopes to host a service later this year.

Thank you for your understanding and have a wonderful Memorial Day.