Temporary Fishing Closure at Vernonia Lake

Posted by Rick Hobart, Mayor on Apr 10, 2020

Our City Council held a teleconference meeting on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Two topics were on the agenda. The first agenda item addressed was the Stay at Home social distancing executive order No. 20-12 as it relates to our own city park at the Vernonia Lake. As most are aware, the city closed the public restrooms in all city parks, including the two restroom facilities at the Vernonia Lake. This was done to reduce the risk of exposure to the public, our own city workers, and park host.

Due to weather conditions improving in the last two weeks, we have noticed a substantial increase in the amount of people at the Vernonia Lake during the day and evenings time periods and even more specifically, large crowds on the weekends.

The city’s decision to temporarily close the lake for fishing was approved by the Deputy Director of ODFW.

Our decision was based on:

  • The health risk to the public and the surrounding area due to the restroom closures.
  • The overcrowded parking areas, possibly jeopardizing the social distancing rule.
  • To reinforce the Stay at Home, Stay Safe Order still in place until April 30, 2020.

This fishing closure is only temporary and as soon as the emergency orders are lifted, we will reopen the lake for fishing and all other park facilities.

  • Fishing closure will take effect at noon Friday, April 10, 2020 until further notice.
  • The walking /bicycle path WILL REMAIN OPEN.

The second agenda item was to amend resolution 2020-03, a resolution declaring an emergency. The new resolution 2020-04 shall remain in effect until repealed by the city council.

Thank you for your understanding and your willingness to continue to comply with the social distancing six- foot rule. It is making a difference.

Just an added note. Please be respectful and courteous to our Park Host Susie.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy.

Respectfully, Mayor Hobart