Updated Water Curtailment Measures in Effect

Posted by City Hall on Sep 5, 2019

To all Vernonia Water Utility Customers

Due to low stream flow on Rock Creek at 10 cubic feet per second (cfs) or less, the City of Vernonia has declared a “Level 3 concern” to avoid depleting the city’s water supply to the extent that it would be insufficient for human consumption, sanitation, fire protection or aquatic life.

Mandatory Reduction of Nonessential Residential Water Use:

The following residential water uses are hereby determined to be nonessential:

  1. Regulation of Sprinkling and Watering; no person or customer shall sprinkle, water, or irrigate any shrubbery, trees, lawns, grass, ground covers, plants, vines, flowers or any other vegetation. Direct hand watering of food producing plants (herbs, fruit, and vegetables) is permitted.

The use of water to wash any motorbike, motor vehicle, boat, trailer, airplane, or other vehicle, except when such water is used at a commercial fixed washing facility that utilizes water recycling equipment;

  1. The use of water to wash down any sidewalk, walkway, driveway, parking lot, tennis court, or other hard-surfaced area, or any building or structure;
  2. The use of water to fill, refill, or add to any indoor or outdoor swimming pool or jacuzzi pool, except for the following: neighborhood fire control purposes, where the pool has a recycling water system and evaporation cover, or where the use of the pool is required by a medical doctor’s prescription; and
  3. The use of water in a fountain or pond for aesthetic or scenic purposes, except where necessary to support aquatic life.

Gutter Flooding. No person or customer shall cause water to run to waste in any gutter or drain

Mandatory Reduction of Nonessential Commercial or Industrial Use: The following commercial or industrial water uses are hereby determined to be nonessential and are prohibited.

  1. Serving City water for drinking at a restaurant, hotel, café, cafeteria, or other public place where food is sold, served, or offered for sale, to any person unless requested by such person;
  2. The use of water for scenic or recreational ponds and lakes, except for the minimum amount required to support aquatic life;
  3. The use of water from hydrants for construction purposes, fire drills, or any purpose other than fire-fighting;
  4. The use of water by a golf course to irrigate any portion of its grounds except those areas designated as tees and greens; and
  5. The use of water for dust control.

For more information, please contact City Hall 1001 Bridge Street, Vernonia, OR 97064 or 503-429-5291.