Multiplier & Consumption Statistics

The following charts show multipliers and consumption by month for water and sewer.

Count Multipliers are the number of billed multipliers.

Revenue Multipliers are calculated by dividing the base rate revenue for the month by the base rate. Revenue multipliers are more accurate for calculating base rates as this number accounts for partial month bills, and water services switching customers mid-month.

Consumption is billed consumption in 1000s gallons.

Note: Water revenue multipliers prior to August 2018 are not correct due to changes made to the rate structure effective at the start of the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Note: Due to inclement weather in February 2023 water meters were not read. April 2023 consumption is two months of billed water consumption.

0 (0 projected) gallons of sewer consumption for current sewer consumption year.

Note: 2017 sewer consumption only includes 2017 revenue year data.