An ordinance amending Ordinance 895 pertaining to prescription of rules and regulations for the conduct and management of the Water Department of the City of Vernonia and Declaring an Emergency.

WHEREAS, the City has established that regulation of certain water use, manner of certain water use, and charges for certain uses, be amended;

WHEREAS, the City has established that clarification of language is necessary to explain the changes proposed by Ordinance No.895;


Ordinance 895 is amended as follows [additions in underline and deletions in strikeout]:

Section 1.

Section 4 of Ordinance 895 is amended to read as follows:

Section 4. [Responsible for Utility Charges]

Responsibility for payment of city utility charges and all fees assessed shall be that of the person who owns the property, owner of record. The responsibility for payment to the City does not pass to the tenant or other occupants, notwithstand ing the fact that tenants or other occupants may be required by the property owner to pay the charges provided in Section 5. The owner shall co-sign the utility application and shall be responsible for the utility bill when the utility bill is not paid by the tenant in a timely manner. The City shall provide information to the owner regarding the status of a tenant’s account upon request. The execution of a service application shall constitute the owner’s consent to such responsibility. (ORS 91.255)

  • 4.1. Accounts that are currently considered “Inactive” and accounts that are currently charged by gallons of water used, shall not be charged the $5.00/month fee designated for accounts considered “Inactive”, nor shall such accounts be charged the $4.25/gal “per gallon use” fee. Instead these accounts (will be charged a base rate (either a water base rate, or a water/sewer base rate) depending on the nature of their account.

  • 4.2. Accounts that are currently considered “Temporary Vacancy”/ “Stand By”which are at the present time charged a $5.00/month fee, shall be charged a monthly base rate during the time of vacancy or stand by status. In lieu of paying a monthly base rate during vacancy or stand by, water customers may discontinue service for the period of the vacancy or “stand by.” Water customers choosing to discontinue service shall be charged a “Shut Off ‘and “Turn On” fee as assessed for the period of the service interruption.

Emergency Clause: This ordinance being necessary for the health, safety and welfare, shall become effective immediately upon adoption.

Recorder’s Duties: The City Recorder is hereby directed, upon its adoption and authentication, to number this ordinance as the next adopted ordinance of the City of Vernonia.

Adoption Information

Ayes: 3  Nays: 0  Abstain: 0  Abssent: 2

Adopted: 2014-10-20  Effective: 2014-10-20

Signed: Josette Mitchell, Mayor  Attest: Joann Glass, City Recorder