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Day Use (20 minutes or longer)

Vernonia Lake, Anderson & Airport Parks: $5.00
Family Annual Pass: $35.00
Senior Annual Pass: $25.00
Kids under Age 18: Exempt

Vernonia residential and non-residential utility customers within City limits are exempt because fee is assessed through water bill.

An annual sticker may be purchased at City Hall, 1001 Bridge Street, Vernonia, OR 97064

Campsite w/full RV Hookups (Anderson Park Only)

For Reservations please call the park host at 503-429-5291. Please leave a message if the host is not available.

Note: Actual stay must be exact increments of 30 days and must be approved by Park Host; additional days beyond full 30 days are charged at regular nightly rate.

Each additional vehicle per campsite per night: $7.00 per night
Non-refundable campsite deposit: Equal to one night stay

Exclusive Use Park Facility Fees

Fees are for the rental of 4-hour time blocks
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Anderson Park Picnic Shelter No Fee $20.00 $40.00
Anderson Park Primitive Group Camp* No Fee $40.00 $100.00
Hawkins Park Group Event No Fee No Fee $100.00 1st 4 hours
$50 additional 4 hours
Vernonia Lake Group Camp* No Fee $40.00 $75.00
Airport Park Group Camp No Fee $40.00 $75.00
*Group Camps are up to 10 RV’s or tents per night

Mail or deliver the completed Facility Use Permit or Exclusive Use Permit with payment to:
          City of Vernonia 1001 Bridge Street, Vernonia, Or 97064

For Anderson Park group camp sites please contact the Park Host at 503-429-2531

For Hawkins Park Group Event, Vernonia Lake Group Camping, and Airport Park Group Camping please contact City Hall at 503-429-5291

Key Deposit for Lights and/or Restrooms

A key deposit will be required when reserving the sports field lights and/or restrooms. Keys may be picked up no more that 24 hours prior to the reservation. A full refund of the key deposit will be made if the key is returned by the end of the first business day following the reservation. One-half of the key deposit will be forfeited if the key is returned by the end of the second business day following the reservation. After the second business day following the reservation, the full key deposit will be forfeited and future sports field use may be jeopardized for the remainder of the season and the following season.

Exclusive Use Sports Field Fees

Facilities Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Fee per field No Fee Season Rate $15.00 / 2½ hours
Lights No Fee $7.00 / 2½ hours $15.00 / 2½ hours
Light key deposit No Fee $25.00 $25.00
Restroom key deposit No Fee $25.00 $25.00
Tournaments No Fee Season Rate $15.00 per team
Tournament lights No Fee No Fee $5.00/hour

Season Rates - $1.00 per player per sport or up to $15.00 per team
(Fees effective on/after January 1, 2003 and shall remain in effect until changed by resolution of the City Council).

Mail or deliver the completed Facility Use Permit with payment to:
City of Vernonia 1001 Bridge Street, Vernonia, OR 97064


All reservations require that a City of Vernonia Facility Use Permit application be completed and fees paid at the time of application.

Phone Reservations

Telephone reservations will be accepted, provided application materials and fees are submitted to City Hall within 10 days, but know later than 24 hours before the event.


No refunds will be issued for unused reservations, except as provided above.

Advance Reservation Procedures

  1. Complete the Facility Use Permit application, listing a first, second, and third choice of dates for a picnic shelter reservation.
  2. Applications can be submitted by mail or in person at City Hall.
  3. Payment of fees is required at the time the permit application is submitted.
  4. Upon receipt, each application will be reviewed and classified in accordance with the classifications shown below.
  5. Requesting groups will be contacted with confirmation of reservation.

Length of Reservation

Reservations will be taken for no less than one four-hour block of time. A reservation of more than one time block may be made for a single day by a single group.

Mail or deliver the completed Facility Use Permit to:
City of Vernonia 1001 Bridge Street, Vernonia, Or 97064


For purposes of scheduling reservations, groups wishing to use the picnic shelters will be classified as shown below, with priority for use in order listed. Once classified, a group will receive the Reservation requested unless it conflicts with a class having a higher priority, subject to park facility availability.

Class 1: City Sponsored - Activities sponsored by the City of Vernonia

Class 2: Vernonia Youth-Serving Groups or Activities.

Non-profit organizations whose sole purpose is to serve the youth of Vernonia, or a non-profit organization sponsoring an activity for the primary purpose of serving the educational or recreational needs of youth in Vernonia.

Vernonia Youth Sports Leagues are exempt from fees designated herein, as they shall pay a flat season rate for maintenance and operation of sports fields through the Vernonia Booster Association or other similar groups.

Class 3: All Other Groups, Organization, and Individuals

All other groups (including religious and political), organizations, and individuals.

Final determination of group’s classification will be made by the City Administrator. Regardless of how the group is classified, all groups must submit the Facility Use Permit form.


Facility Use Permit

Use of park facilities requires a Facility Use Permit.

Special Use Permit

A Special Use Permit application must be submitted and approved by the City Council for any commercial use, fundraising activity, festival or special event, day camp or sports-related camp using parks and recreation facilities. Special Use Permit fees are established by the City Council. See Special Event Permit Application.


Event Availability

Group campsites and Public shelters are open all year and available for exclusive use reservations. Reservations will be taken on a first-come first-serve basis, except for City-sponsored events.


Additional costs incurred by the city due to abuse or excessive clean-up or repair, as determined and documented by the Public Works Department, shall be charged to the person who signs the permit application. Groups that hold an egg toss or balloon toss or use confetti, piñatas, or hay bales should pay close attention to cleanup efforts because these uses often result in excessive litter, and additional fees will be assessed if litter remains on the grounds.

Any group/individual renting a facility and found to have caused damage, neglected to leave the facility in an acceptable condition, or violated any park rule or condition of the Facility Use Permit, may be denied a future facility reservation for up to one year.

Sports Fields

Sports fields may be reserved for a maximum of two and a half (2½) hours, subject to availability. If available, an additional two and a half (2½) hour time block, to augment the original reservation period, may be scheduled. City Sponsored and Class 2 activities and tournaments are exempt from the (2 ½) hour time period maximum.

Sports Fields Availability

Subject to field conditions, the following sports fields are available for reservation for exclusive use year around:

City-Sponsored Activities

City-sponsored activities are scheduled for use of the city’s sports field’s year around, subject to field conditions. Leagues whose activities are sponsored by the City are responsible for scheduling all team practices no later than 30 days in advance.

Priority of Reservations

Youth Sports Leagues and City-sponsored events have priority in reservations.

Length of Rental

Reservations are limited to a maximum of two and a half (2½) hours. Depending on field availability, an additional two and a half (2½) hour time block, to augment the original reservation period, may be scheduled no sooner than seven days prior to the reservation date. City Sponsored activities and tournaments are exempt from the (2 ½) hour time period maximum.


Alcohol Use

It shall be unlawful for any person to consume alcohol, to possess an open container holding alcohol, or to open a container holding alcohol while in any park, except pursuant to a Group Facility Alcohol Permit issued by the City and in accordance with terms and conditions attached to such permit. This permit MUST be kept and maintained at all times in the possession of the person to whom it is issued, it is NOT transferable, it is NOT Refundable, and may be issued only to a person who is at least 21 years of age.


Any decorations used within the rental area must be removed at the conclusion of the rental period. Signs, other than those within the rental area are not permitted. See Special Event Permit Application.

Amplified Sound

Radios or any sound amplification equipment must not be operated so as to be plainly audible at a distance of fifty (50) feet or more. (Use of a public address system or amplifying equipment is allowed by permit only). See Special Event Permit Application.

We thank you for obeying all the rules and regulations posted at each park whether you are enjoying our parks for the day or camping overnight.

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